These are Internet Resources that would be of interest to Hollywood production personnel.

Radar Music Video is a place where music video directors can connect with record labels and independent artists worldwide. Pitches are invited for briefs, all with budgets. Music videos are promoted to music video fans and tastemakers worldwide." and link to

Creative Handbook
The ultimate Los Angeles production resource guide for production-related companies and services available in the Southern California area. From casting to closed captioning , Creative Handbook can help you find all of the resources you need for every single stage of production.

Wiredrive is a browser-based application that is changing the way people present projects and reels online.  Developed by IOWA Interactive, Wiredrive is involved in shaping today's digital workflow. Wiredrive helps advertising, production, post and VFX companies organize project communications and deliver creativity to clients, and each version of Wiredrive is branded with the client’s corporate identity.  Clients include: Red Car, Whitehouse Post, MJZ, Anonymous Content, Harvest Films, FM Rocks, RES Media Group, Backyard and Traktor.

Disc Makers
Providing DVD manufacturing, duplication and replication for independent filmmakers; MVPA website visitors receive a free guide, visit above link.

adbeast provides a unique range of online tools and services catering to the special needs of companies in advertising, communications and film production. The adbeast studio allows you to archive video, build and send reels, manage productions and view supplier reels, all online, anytime anywhere. Additional services include website hosting and management, video compression, DVD authoring and digital distribution.

International Music Video Festival
After 2 years of success in Le Cap d€Agde, the Festival des Arts du Clip is settling down under the lights and colors of Aix en Provence ! If it€s first edition in 2004 has imposed the legitimity of this new and cultural rendez-vous,
the second edition in September 2005 propelled the event to an international level.

Coachella Film Festival

The 7th Annual Coachella Independent Film Festival is very proud to present to Coachella attendees the greatest hand picked feature films, documentaries, short films, animation, concert footage, and music videos ever assembled to converge the mediums of music and motion pictures.

Online Music Video Television Channels

Lists networks from around the world that can be watched online. Some are regular stations, others are specifically designed for webcasting. Also includes popular networks like TMF (Netherlands), ALL Music (Italy) and Ocko (Czech Republic). AND they credit the directors!

Borderless World Productions

Canadian video production company for film, TV, corporate video, product video, animation, multimedia.

Music Video Stills
The place to find over 75,000 music video stills (screen captures, screen shots) and an organized directory of links to pages and sites that have stills of music videos covering all genres and more than 1800 different artists.

Experiencing Music Video: Aesthetics and Cultural Context (Non-fiction)

A study that treats music video as a distinct multimedia artistic genre, different from film, television, and indeed from the songs they illuminate -and sell. The author describes how verbal, musical, and visual codes combine in music video to create defining representations of race, class, gender, sexuality, and performance. The book explores the complex interactions of narrative, settings, props, costumes, lyrics, and much more.

Music Video Tracker
The hottest new Industry resource for playlists, tracking data, insider event calendars, access to the hottest new artists, interview scheduling, and more! Finally everyone on the same page!

GVS Inc.
GVS delivers the most advanced, high-quality product lines at a lower cost and a reduced timeline, from prototype to mass production. The customized, rugged solutions include storage, workstations, servers, and panoramic displays.

Royalty Free Music Library
Royalty Free Production Music Library with high-quality music tracks, music loops, and sounds for the multimedia, broadcast, and computer games industry.


Email Your Show Reels! Say goodbye to players like QuickTime, RealPlayer, etc. No more downloading/buffering. Send self-Streaming full-length videos that play immediately in email or on the Internet. These aren't attachments & no web browser is needed for email delivery. Powerful, cost-effective solution.

First Call Music

First Call Music offers two kinds of Production Music: tracks that can be licensed for a particular period of time, type of production or other limited use ("Leased Library Music"), and tracks that can be purchased for use in perpetuity and for most types of programs ("Buy-Out Library Music").
Over 65,000 commercials, music videos and feature work in a comprehensive online database for production,advertising agency and record label personnel. Discount for posting work and access for MVPA members.

Entertainment Delivery Group
Providing reasonable rates and 24X7 service. Phone call or email confirming every delivery.
BlankTV is the Net’s largest collection of uncensored alternative, punk and indie music videos.

Lawrence S. Rachmel, C.P.A. Accounting Services
25 years experience specializing in strategic tax planning for your financial needs. Services offered: bookkeeping, business and financial management, business tax returns, financial planning, financial statement, individual tax returns, and retirement planning.
Music video friendly film location.

Music related newsgroups and web resources.

ProductionHUB is an information network for film, video and digital media production..

Film & TV Connection
An established entertainment industry school where students train for careers in the film, TV and video fields.

Reels on Demand
Showcases demo reels online for directors, dp's, editors and other creative professionals. Special discount for MVPA members who want to post their demo reels online.
An e-zine and community for music video directors. Interviews, advice, 'how-to' articles, message boards, and weekly newsletter.

Planet Shark Productions
LA production company with 200+ industry links & a live entertainment news ticker.

A complete database of music videos and information for the promotion of music videos.

This site compiles the top articles from all of the industry rags and conveniently posts them on the web.

MusicStation Newswire

This site compiles the top articles from all of the industry rags and conveniently posts them on the web.

Internet Movie Database
This extensive database contains information from every film ever made even to those films in the development & production stages. Search by crew name, crew title, actor name, character name, vendor, or numerous other criteria.


Contains music video clips, as well as research information on the making of music videos.

411 Creatives

Represents Storyboard Artists, Concept Illustrators, Character Designers, and 3D Artists.

Concert Tickets shop

Your Online Source for Hard to Find Tickets, Buy Tickets, Sell Tickets.
Concert tickets, Sports tickets, and Broadway tickets. Place your ticket order TODAY!

LA 411
LA 411 provides the entertainment industry with qualified production resources for film, TV,
commercials, video and music video production.

New York 411

New York 411 provides the entertainment industry with qualified production
resources for film, TV, commercials, video and music video production in the New York Tri-State area.

High Def 411

The HighDef 411 Web site lists people and companies who are experts in the HD field. With specialized skills,
services, equipment and experience, these listees will help you reach your HD goals with ease and peace of mind.

Type in the Package # and track packages that you have sent or have been sent to you.

Federal-Express Tracking

Type in Destination Country, Airbill # and Ship Date.

UPS Tracking
All you need is the UPS Tracking Number.


Type in the full address including street address, city, state and zip code, and it will generate a street map. You can zoom in or out and even get driving directions.
For best results use " " marks when searching for multiple words. Example: "production supplies"

A great search engine.

Hot Bot
Another good search engine, it also searches the entire World Wide Web.

Not as complete as the above search engines, Yahoo has a unique directory tree.

Phone Numbers
This site finds phone numbers and addresses for people and businesses.

164 Currency Converter by OANDA
This web site has a currency calculator for converting U.S. Dollars to Foreign rates and vice versa. Great when shooting out of the country. Updates daily.

Contains over 600 different dictionaries and thesauruses in several languages. Also includes Commonly-Made Errors page and Elements of Style page.
These web sites are good resources for weather information.

USA Today Main Weather Page
This is USA Today's main Weather page with lots of information.

Satellite Image of North America
CNN's Weather Satellite image of North America. From this page you can get regional Weather Satellite images.

RADAR Image of North America

CNN's RADAR image of North America. From this page you can get regional RADAR images.