What is the MVPA?
The Music Video Production Association (MVPA) is a non-profit trade organization created to address the mutual concerns of its members in today's highly competitive, ever-changing music video industry. Its membership includes the majority of music video production and post-production companies, as well as individuals - editors, directors, producers, cinematographers, choreographers, script supervisors, computer animators and make-up artists, to name a few. Our associate membership includes suppliers and service providers. The MVPA, which maintains chapters in Los Angeles and New York, represents the people responsible for the vast majority of the music videos produced in the world.
The purpose of the MVPA is to promote and uphold the highest professional production standards, to provide an arena to share ideas and to educate members about the latest developments in the music video industry. The MVPA also provides a forum through which discussions of mutual concern can occur between production companies, record labels, crews, suppliers and all interested parties.
Widely recognized as the official organization representing music video production companies, the MVPA offers its members meetings with committees and special forums to discuss pressing issues. The MVPA Web site is an expanding source for production information and tools that aid production professionals.  The MVPA hosts educational seminars on areas such as pre and post production techniques, special effects, and workshops on camera and film stock.

Individual and company membership includes:

- Complimentary admission to educational seminars, forums, screenings, etc.
Vendors - will receive all of the above, plus listing on the preferred vendor list distributed to all MVPA production companies, a link from the Preferred vendor list on the website, and a notification to all MVPA member companies that they have joined the association.
Posting of Company rosters, contact information & links on the MVPA website.
Access to databases and networking resources.
Opportunity to participate in industry forming discussions and committees.

Fuliane Petikyan / President 

Vice Presidents
Missy Galanadia / Hound 
Kim Dellara/ Caviar

Grant Cihlar 

Honorary Board
David Naylor
Catherine Finkenstaedt